DGme Benefits

DGme knows that its workers are the key to its success and loves them highly. Dollar General wants to help its workers and their families, so it offers a wide range of benefits, perks, and awards that are meant to improve their physical, financial, and mental health. Read this information again to clear up any questions you may have, whether you’re a new employee or just want to know more about the benefits of working for DGme. 

Dollar General thinks that its employees are the most important thing for its growth. The company is proud to support its workers and makes sure that every job can lead to a rewarding career by offering chances at all levels and investing in workforce development. 

Team members who are eligible get a variety of benefits, perks, and awards that are meant to improve their physical, financial, and mental health and help them find a good balance between work and life. Check out the wide range of perks Dollar General offers its employees. 

DGME Login Benefits

Dollar General cares about the health and fitness of its workers and offers a variety of services that help with both mental and physical health. This makes sure that employees feel their best. 

The Dollar General Retirement Savings Plan, which includes the 401(k) choice, helps workers reach their retirement goals. 

Under the Dollar General happiness for a Better Life Program, workers can get help with their physical, mental, and financial health as well as their general happiness.

Dollar General offers financial perks that are meant to help people find a balance between being able to live now and being able to afford things in the future.

Paid time off and rewards: Dollar General helps its workers live free, healthy, and satisfying lives both at work and outside of work by offering a wide range of perks and facilities.

DG Benefits for retirement: Dollar General helps its workers save for the future and set up stable sources of income by offering a variety of retirement plans. 

At the main office of the business, the In-Store Support Center Rewards are: 

  • On-site daycare facilities
  • Academy events for employees to wear clothes with DG themes
  • On-site dry cleaning services that are easy to use


Our team’s commitment and hard work are still what make us successful. Congratulations to everyone for all their hard work!”

“It’s really inspiring to see how well our coworkers work together.” We do great things when we work together!”

“I want to thank everyone on our team from the bottom of my heart for their unwavering dedication. Your help is very much appreciated!”

“New ideas, passion, and working together make us successful.” Let’s keep breaking new ground and setting new goals together!”

“Your hard work and persistence are admirable. Keep up the great work—our success is a tribute to your hard work!”

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